Privacy Statement

Updated Dec 20, 2019
Your privacy is important to us at the Mattel family of companies. This privacy statement describes the information Mattel collects from you, and how we use that information. It also describes what information third parties collect from you, and how we and they use that information. Key terms are italicized and can be found in the DEFINITIONS section.
We will provide a link to these key terms the first time they appear in this privacy statement. This privacy statement provides examples of data we collect, how we use it, and choices you can exercise. These examples may not be exhaustive or exclusive.
Except where otherwise specified, this statement applies to Mattel Services, including Mattel Sites, apps, mobile apps, online services, and connected products on which this statement is posted or otherwise referenced. Mattel Sites are also subject to the Mattel Terms & Conditions. Other terms, end-user license agreements, or additional rules may apply. Each time you use Mattel Services, you agree to this statement. If you don’t agree with all the terms of this privacy statement, please do not use Mattel Services.
We want you and your family to have fun using our services and urge you and your family to follow common sense when disclosing personal information, both through our services and anywhere else. 
For Mattel's complete Online Privacy Statement, click here. For Mattel's Children's Privacy Statement, click here